My name is Tsukasa Sugihara, the administrator of this site.

This site publishes original novels written by the administrator as a hobby.

I kept thinking about how to get someone to read it someday, and decided to post it on my personal site. Having said that, I have yet to complete only one short story, and although I have posted a long story, I do not know if it will be completed. So I am posting it in a state where it is about 50% done.

It’s almost a synopsis, so it’s half-hearted. Fill in the foreshadowing and full of spoilers. No shocks or hesitations. However, if it becomes public after it is completed, it will not be known when it can be published. It may seem irresponsible, but I decided to give up and publish it. For that reason, I will rewrite it from time to time even while it is being posted, but I would appreciate your understanding.

Tsukasa sugihara





杉原 吏

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